The main policy of Ogun State Water Corporation is geared towards:

  • improve level of service at adequate pressure
  • promote customer satisfaction at all times
  • ensure potable water meets WHO standard
  • improve stakeholders confidence in the State water supply services
  • ensure a sustainable and un-interrupted supply at affordable price
  • create total reduction/eradication of time waste in water supply as a result of lack of access
  • attract funding at all levels for water projects
  • develop the water supply system to a competitive level
  • generate adequate revenue to sustain the services provided
  • charge water rates and other services rendered by the Corporation, with the
    approval of the State Government, in such a way that the revenue for each year
    would be sufficient or as nearly as may be to pay for all working expenses
  • collect rates for water consumed by customers
  • sanction defaulting customers

To download our full policy document, kindly click this link